It is no coincidence that Digital Dragons originated in Kraków. Capitol of Malopolska Region is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, where tradition mingles with modernity in a particularly harmonious manner. Numerous museums, monuments, theatres, and galleries encourage visitors, who never complain of a shortage of attractions. Kraków life is diversified by cyclical festivals and outdoor events.

The capital of the Małopolska Region is frequently referred to as the Polish Silicon Valley. Kraków attracts the most talented people from all over the country. It is a city known for its academic character and lively start-up community. Generally recognized as the capital of Polish science, culture, and technology, Kraków boasts many of Poland’s best universities, institutions of higher technical education, and art colleges. It is also home to the research and development centers of global corporations.

Kraków’s unique atmosphere makes the City truly memorable. It has an abundant and varied conference base, and a network of hotels and restaurants; furthermore, it also has professional equipment, facilities, and qualified personnel. Moreover, the City offers an enticing range of bonuses and motivations. Its location and historical heritage constitute an additional argument in favor of organizing conferences, events, and incentives in the Royal City of Kraków.

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